See How Much Tax-Free Cash You Could Release from Your Home.



How do I get it?

Providing you’re at least 55, own and live in the property and can release enough equity to clear the outstanding mortgage, you can benefit from Equity Release.

Your home needs to be: 

• worth at least £99K;
• situated in the UK; and
• either freehold or leasehold. 

Checking if you qualify for Equity Release is easy and can be done online, today. 

Think about that extension or ability to fund your grandchildren’s higher education. 
It’s only a step away!

Securing your future with Equity Release

Maybe you want to clear an existing mortgage?

Perhaps you have a grandchild who’s going to university. 

And what about the extension you’ve always wanted to add to the dining room?
Without the cash, these joys of life aren’t possible, but with Equity Release, you 
could find it, fast.

Some people even use Equity Release to clear their mortgage. Imagine that!
Equity Release is the little-known trick that will help you secure a safe financial future for 
you and your family.

Using Equity Release 

Equity Release is typically undertaken with something called a Lifetime Mortgage. 

This product is paid off when you move into long-term care or pass away and provides cash in instalments or one tax-free lump sum.

Basically, you choose how and when you receive the money that’s currently locked up in your home. 

You can add Inheritance Protection Guarantee to your Equity Release, too, which means you can provide a portion of the value of your home as inheritance.

Eligible for Equity Release? 
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In 2019, 47,000 homeowners over 55 used something called Equity Release. 

This enabled them to secure their financial future, look after their family and leave a nice inheritance behind. 

Don’t you want to do the same?

Dead equity
If your home has equity within it, you won’t benefit from that cash until it’s released. 

Typically, this might happen during a house sale, but what if you don’t intend to move?

With only a state pension and dwindling work pension to fall back on, you might not be able to live the life you want to during retirement. 

Even worse, you might not be able to provide for your family or rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll leave behind a nice inheritance. 

Equity Release could help put all of these worries to rest.

Eligible for Equity Release? 
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Worried about money as you grow older? Your home could hold the answer.

It’s time to release equity from your home and enjoy your retirement.

Last Updated 1st June 2021







How much cash could you release?

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Eligible for Equity Release?
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